Thursday, December 15, 2016

Join The National Fight to Safeguard and Secure the Well-being of America's Most Vulerable!

From the Coalition on Human Needs (CHN):

"We are in the fight of our lives.  The policies and programs that safeguard and secure livelihoods for the most vulnerable among us are about to be under siege by a hostile Congress and Administration. To counter this, to protect programs critical to human needs, we must stand united!"

CHN is asking groups and individuals to join the growing list of local, state, and national groups which are standing together against dismantling the services and protections people need and for proven investments to extend opportunity and economic security to all. Several CLIP members have already signed the letter to the new President and Congress.  This link also lists the hundreds of groups that have already signed. If your organization has not signed the letter, please consider doing so and share this information with others.

The letter incorporates principles under the Strengthening America's Values and Economy (SAVE) for All.  Thousands of organizations since 2011 have signed statements affirming these principles: that federal priorities must (1) protect and assist low-income and vulnerable people; (2) invest in broadly shared economic growth and jobs; (3) increase revenues from fair sources; and (4) seek savings from reducing waste in the Pentagon and elsewhere.  

The deadline for signing the letter is January 5, 2017.

This is just the beginning. 2017 promises to be one of the most challenging years in recent memory for advocates caring about poverty, hunger, the well-being of children and at risk families and all Americans who face economic challenges.