Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What's Next for the Farm Bill and Protections for Low Income People Through SNAP?

Yesterday, we shared the good news that the U.S. Senate has developed a version of the farm bill that is much more hopeful. The Senate Agriculture Committee is scheduled to markup its version of the bill on Wednesday (6/13)and bring the bill to the Senate floor as soon as next week (June 18–22)

Meanwhile, the House is currently expected to hold a re-vote on its harmful version of the farm bill on or just before June 22 (although this vote may be delayed).

Here are talking points: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Talking Points on Senate Farm Bill

After reading and sharing the Center's talking points, here's what to do:
1. Contact your senators directly. In calls, emails, and other direct conversations with your senators and their staff, ask your senators to vote for the Senate farm bill and reject any amendments that would take away food assistance or make other harmful changes to SNAP.
2. Keep up the media drumbeat. Engage the media through op-eds, letters to the editor, reporter and editorial board outreach, and press events to help them see the Senate farm bill as the right approach, in sharp contrast to the House bill that would take away food assistance from 2 million Americans.
3. Ask others to join you! Work with diverse voices in your state to echo our messages and add their perspectives — for example, children’s groups and pediatricians talking about how the Senate farm bill is good for kids; faith leaders talking about how the Senate bill reflects our shared values and morals about feeding the hungry; advocates for seniors and people with disabilities talking about how the bill protects food assistance for people in need.