Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Don’t Let USDA Take Food Away from 3.1 Million Americans – Including over 100,000 Pennsylvanians...Sign up for Commenting "How-to" webinar

Families Should Be Able to Take a Raise, Work More Hours, or Save for a Rainy Day 
Without Risking Losing their Food Assistance Overnight.
The USDA has proposed a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rule that would make over 3 million Americans ineligible for SNAP benefits.  The rule would severely cut back a longstanding state option – called “Broad Based Categorical Eligibility” -- and:
  1. Stop states from increasing the gross income limit that a family can have and still receive SNAP if they have very high expenses.  
    • Pennsylvania has used this option to increase the SNAP gross income limit from 130% of the poverty level( $2,252 a month for a family of 3) to 160% of the poverty level,    
    • Pennsylvania’s rule means that families do not lose all their SNAP when they get a raise that moves their income from just below to just above 130% of poverty.  The rule creates a “cliff effect” that can make families worse off if they get a raise.
    • Under PA’s rule, families’ net income must still be below nationwide limits.  
  2. Stop states from eliminating the SNAP asset test, as Pennsylvania has done.  The USDA proposal would reinstate a nationwide limit of $2,250 for families, and $3,500 for households with a senior or person with a disability.  
    • Asset limits trap people in poverty by preventing them from saving for a rainy day.  They also penalize low-income families who do save by making them ineligible for the food assistance they need to get by.
    • Checking assets adds expensive red tape.  
Those at risk need our help! 
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