Monday, September 23, 2019

600,000 Households with Seniors Could Lose Food Assistance Under Proposed Rule

Olivia Dean, Lynda Flowers, Catherine Harvey, AARP Public Policy Institute, September 19

Excerpts from their article ...The current Administration has repeatedly attempted to reduce SNAP benefits or add additional barriers to accessing the program. Most recently, it proposed a rule that would put more than 3 million individuals at risk of losing their SNAP benefits. The proposed rule also has the potential to discourage SNAP recipients from building modest emergency savings, leaving them vulnerable to unexpected financial challenges...
...Both an Administration analysis as well as a recent Mathematica analysis indicate that under the proposed rule, older adults would bear the brunt of the changes to SNAP eligibility. According to the rule, 1.7 million SNAP households (3.1 million individuals) would lose eligibility for SNAP. About a third of those SNAP households – approximately 600,000 – would include adults ages 60 and older, despite these households comprising only 24 percent of current participants....Read the entire analysis here.