Thursday, November 14, 2019

Children Are Losing Access to an Extremely Effective Anti-Poverty Program: Medicaid

Joan Alker, Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, posted on 
Poverty and health have always been entwined. A sick parent can’t work to support his or her family. A sick child can’t succeed in school. An unexpected health crisis such as a trip to the ER due to a playground injury can wipe out savings and leave families with crushing medical debt.
Medicaid coverage provides families with better financial security and helps children get the care they need to succeed in school and life. Research shows us that children with Medicaid coverage have better health outcomes even as adults, are more likely to graduate from high school, and have higher earnings as adults than children who were uninsured. Research also shows Medicaid is among the most effective anti-poverty programs and had a larger effect on child poverty than all non-health, means-tested benefits combined. That is why it is so alarming to see that our nation is moving backwards as kids are losing Medicaid coverage and more of them are joining the ranks of the uninsured.
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