Monday, September 12, 2022

How Nonprofits Can Close The Opportunity Gap And Prepare Youth For The Future

Byron Sanders, President & CEO of Big Thought, an organization creating creators for a 21st century world.

Every young person is born with greatness. They are unique tapestries of strengths, passions and traits that are perfect for a place in this world. Yet the opportunity to build those assets in young people is often correlated to one's demographics in life. These assignments that no young person chooses, such as race, socioeconomic status and zip code, have real impact on their options. The achievement gap is a contextual misassignment; it is, rather, the opportunity gap that acknowledges that it is society's responsibility to create the conditions for a young person's agency, for their effort and creativity to shine through. I think the opportunity gap is one of the most pressing challenges facing society today.

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