Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Feeding America is hosting a call-in day on Thursday, September 13, for people to tell their members of Congress to support a Farm Bill that protects SNAP (Food Stamps). You can use this toll-free number (888-398-8702)

Tell your Representative: 
I am calling to urge that you –
  Support a final Farm Bill ONLY if it includes NO harmful changes or cuts to SNAP that would limit access to the program, and,
  Inform your leadership that harmful changes or cuts to SNAP are unacceptable.

In June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a Farm Bill (H.R. 2, 213-211) with several damaging SNAP provisions, including expanded work requirements, restrictions on time limit waivers, privatization of core SNAP operations, and a lifetime ban on SNAP for individuals with certain violent criminal convictions. The U.S. Senate passed its own bipartisan Farm Bill (S. 3042, 86-11), which does not harm SNAP and continues to invest in current pilot projects designed to develop and invest in strategies to increase
participants’ ability to obtain and retain employment. 

Currently, a conference committee with members of the House and Senate is working to develop a final Farm Bill that each chamber will vote on later this month. We do not know when there will be votes on the final bill. Leadership is working to have the final Farm Bill completed by the September 30th deadline; however an extension may be necessary.